Emory EMS Education

The Training Division of Emory EMS consists of two Training Officers who work closely with EEMS Educators to coordinate the annual EEMS EMT Course, provide Continuing Education opportunities for EEMS providers, and make sure that every EEMS provider has current certifications.

Each year, EEMS offers an EMT Course. The course is managed and taught by licensed instructors and spans the length of one academic year. The EEMS Training Officers assist the instructors and also oversee a "Mentor" program that connects the EMT students with current EEMS volunteers. Students who successfully complete the Emory EMS EMT Course, pass the NREMT Exam, and obtain Georgia EMT licensure are expected to volunteer for Emory EMS for a minimum of one academic year.

EEMS Training also coordinates Continuing Education courses (CEs) for EEMS providers. To maintain an EMT certification and/or license (at any level), the EMT must complete a certain number of hours of continuing education. Please visit the NREMT's website at www.nremt.org or Georgia's EMS website at ems.ga.gov for more info. Furthermore, the Training Division works closely with the EEMS Operations Division, the EEMS Director, and the EEMS physician Medical Director to ensure that our EMTs maintain their skill sets, are trained in the use of new equipment and protocols, and are continuing to provide high quality medical care to all of our patients.

If you wish to contact the EEMS Training Division, send an email to

eems.education@emory.eduor call 404-727-0180.