Volunteer for Emory EMS

Volunteering for Emory EMS is open to Emory University students, staff, faculty or alumni who possess current Georgia licensure as an EMT, Advanced EMT (AEMT) or Paramedic. We are also in the process of creating a network of First Responders who are certified by the NREMT as Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs).

Application Process

  • Students who successfully complete the Emory EMS EMT Course, pass the NREMT Exam, and obtain Georgia EMT licensure are expected to volunteer for Emory EMS for a minimum of one academic year.
  • For those members of the Emory community who possess current Georgia licensure as an AEMT or Paramedic, but obtained their EMS education elsewhere, an application to volunteer for EEMS may be obtained by emailing the Training Division at eems.education@emory.edu.
  • All new, incoming EEMS volunteers must attend our Orientation ("Boot Camp") in August. This is a mandatory orientation program designed to familiarize each volunteer with the standard operating procedures and protocols of Emory EMS. Orientation also includes courses required by the state and/or Emory, such as a HIPAA course and driver training. We also administer practical exams to ensure emergency medical skills competency.
  • Upon successful completion of Orientation, new volunteers will be allowed to work shifts with Emory EMS.

Maintaining Membership

  • Each academic year, current EEMS providers are required to complete a practical skills test along with a written Refresher test. This ensures continued knowledge of critical medical procedures and EEMS standard operating procedures.
  • EEMS providers must remain current on all certifications and licenses and have a valid driver’s license.  These records are audited semesterly by the EEMS Training Division.  The Training Division is responsible for facilitating in-service training and refresher courses to maintain full compliance with all state guidelines.