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Georgia Motor Vehicle Registration

The Georgia Department of Revenue handles motor vehicle registration in Georgia. Visit the Motor Vehicle Registration site for further information.

Georgia Driver's Licenses

Visit the Georgia Department of Driver Services' Driver Information site to find information.

Financial Crimes Support

Crimes against property are those cases that include but are not limited to theft, burglary, arson, property damage and others.

Financial Crimes

Criminal Investigations is tasked with investigating those crimes that include forgery, fraud, identity theft, etc.

Georgia law provides a victim of identity theft with the option to file a police report with the jurisdiction in which the crime occurred or the jurisdiction in which they live.

If you are or suspect you are a victim of identity theft you should immediately close all bank accounts and credit card accounts. You should then contact one of the three major credit bureaus and place a fraud alert on your credit account. Some helpful resources are listed below.

Major Credit Bureaus

Equifax Corp


Trans Union

To Order a Report:





To Report Fraud:







Consumer Advocacy Groups

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse:
1717 Kettner Avenue
Suite 105
San Diego, CA 2101
Phone: 619.298.3396
 Email & website.
U.S. Public Interest Research Group:
218 D Street S.E.
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202.546.9707
Email & website.

Campus Parking Registration, Parking Enforcement, and Transportation & Commuting options

Emory Parking and Transportation Services, another division of Emory Campus Services, handles transportation between campuses, parking assignment and enforcement, and alternative commutes for the Main Campus. The Oxford College Division of the Emory Police Department handles parking assignment and enforcement for the Oxford College Campus. Emory Healthcare manages the parking assignments at Emory Midtown Hospital and other Emory Healthcare facilities outside of the Main and Oxford Campuses.