For emergency police, fire, and medical emergency service, call: 404.727.6111 (or 911).

EPD is here to serve and protect the Emory community 24 hours a day. Please save our phone number for easy access in case of an on-campus emergency.

Confidential Tip Hotline

Share any information concerning criminal activity. All information on the tip hotline is confidential.

Tips Line: 404.727.TIPS (404.727.8477)

You can also email tips to the Emory Police

Note: EPD’s tips line is not an emergency number. If you witness a crime in progress or have an emergency that requires the police, please call 404.727.6111 or 911 and tell the dispatcher your location.

Event Security

The Emory Police Department can provide security for your on-campus event. 

  • If you need security for your student organization event, please complete this form.
  • If you need security for an event not being hosted by a student organization, please contact us via email.

Fingerprinting Services

The Emory Police Department provides fingerprinting services for persons affiliated with Emory who require ink fingerprint cards for background checks. The service is provided by appointment only. Call 404.727.6115 to schedule an appointment.

Note: Please do not prefill the fingerprint cards; the fingerprint machine will print the fields on the card(s) for you.

Lost and Found

The Emory Police Department makes every effort to investigate and return all found items to their rightful owners. If you have lost an item (or found one) please call 404.727.8005 to report it.

Inquiries concerning Lost/Found Property will be handled in person at any of the locations of the Emory Police Department below, by telephone at 404.727.8005, or by email.

Contact Information and Locations
Emory Headquarters:
1784 N. Decatur Road
Suite G01
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Oxford Office:
402 W. Moore Street
Oxford, Georgia 30054
Midtown Office:
478 Peachtree Street
Suite OL812
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Recover Stolen Property / EmoryCards

If your property was stolen,call us 404.727.6111 (or 911 to report the theft as soon as possible. If you know the make, model, and serial number of the stolen property, please try to provide the information at the time of the report. Also, if your device has a network card (wired or wireless), it can help our investigation if you provide the MAC address(es) for the device.

Locations of Serial Numbers

  • Serial numbers for bicycles can usually be found on the underside of the bottom bracket (the part of the frame that the pedal crank passes through).
  • Cell phones often use an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as a serial number. The location of the IMEI number differs by device.

Register your bikes and electronic equipment with Operation ID.

Lost or Stolen EmoryCards

The EmoryCard is used for building access and financial transactions. Please deactivate your EmoryCard as soon as possible if it is lost or stolen.

Campus Partners

EPD relies on strong collaboration with campus partners.

Campus Life

Offers counseling, engagement, housing and other student support.

Learn More about Campus Life

Campus Services

Leads facilities management, business operations, and other key departments.

View Emory's Campus Services

Emory Emergency Medical Service (EEMS)

Responds to emergency and 911-based calls in the Emory community.

View EEMS Info

Ombuds Office

Offers confidential space for faculty, staff, and students to share concerns.

Learn More about Emory's Ombuds

Fire Safety

Conducts fire drills, provides fire safety education and training along with other services

Fire Safety

Office of Respect

Works to eradicate sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence.

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Transportation and Parking

Offers effective and proactive parking and transportation programs.

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