Community Relations Programs

The Emory Police Department offers a number of educational programs to engage the Emory community in partnering with us for a safe and secure environment. Click below to view the various programs.


This is a free 2 hour basic self-defense class for students, staff, and faculty of all genders of the Emory community. This course will go over risk-avoidance techniques and basic self-defense skills. This class is typically taken by requests of groups of ten or more. If you would like to host a Self-Defense class please register here.

A Civilian Response to an Active Shooter

This is a free 60 minute training on A Civilian Response to an Active Shooter (Run. Hide. Fight. model) for students, staff and faculty of the Emory community. If you would like to host a training session please register here.

Puppies and Police

Puppies and Police provides an opportunity to de-stress and have special “dog-therapy” while building relationships with the Emory Police. Follow @EmoryPolice on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for dates and locations.

Emory Police Declassified

Emory Police Declassified provides an opportunity for the Emory Police and the Emory community to come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues and build relationships. The focus of Emory Police Declassified is to remove physical barriers and crisis situations that routinely define interactions between law enforcement officials and community members. If you would like to host an Emory Police Declassified please register here.

Community Police Academy

Community Police Academy Flyer
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Classes will be held in the police department’s training room, located on the ground floor of the North Decatur Building (1784 N. Decatur Rd.). The classes will typically be offered weekly from 5:30PM until 8:00PM.

Feb 04, 2020 Department Overview
Feb 11, 2020 Criminal Investigations
Feb 25, 2020 Courtroom Procedure
Mar 03, 2020 Use of Force & Traffic Stops
Mar 24, 2020 Judgmental Simulator
Mar 31, 2020 Defensive Tactics
Apr 14, 2020 Firearms
Apr 21, 2020 Graduation!

The classes will cover a number of topics, including an overview of our department, patrol techniques, criminal investigations, and courtroom procedure. Participants will also receive hands-on training in subjects like defensive tactics, use of force simulations, and firearms.

This class is free and open to members of the Emory community (faculty, staff, and students). All applicants must be over 18, sign a release, and pass a background check prior to participation in the class.

If you want to know more about policing and the Emory community, come join us! Click here to register.

To obtain more information, contact Ofc. Theis at

Community Relations & Personal Safety Presentations

The Community Relations Unit can provide many different programs to address concerns of the Emory Community and to help with making this a safer environment. Some of those programs are listed below. If you have a specific need, the members of the unit can tailor a program for as few as one or as many persons as your audience includes.

Topics available are Identity Theft, Crisis Response, Workplace Safety, Monthly Safety Table Tops, DUI /Alcohol/Drug Abuse enforcement education, and Personal Safety. For further information, contact Community Relations.