Security Systems

Staff in the Security Systems Division of the Police Department (a.k.a., Lockshop) provide services designed to secure property and assets. The level and detail of security is based on the area's need and type of usage. Security Systems staff members are responsible for mechanical key control, electronic access control, alarm systems, and security camera systems across our campuses.   

Security Systems works in conjunction with Emory’s Fire Safety Division to provide customers with a total electronic security system allows the Emory Police Department to monitor and review an electronic recording in the event of an incident. The Security Systems Shop oversees fire door assembly inspection for compliance with NFPA-80.

Please submit a service request through our partner, Campus Services, for any security systems needs.

Non-Billable Services

  • Lock repairs
  • New keys for new construction or renovations
  • Duplicate keys for existing locks for basic education and general budget funded spaces
  • Estimates for billable services

Billable Services

  • Re-keying and replacement of keys and access cards when lock cores must be replaced for security reasons
  • Replacement of locks to filing cabinets, desks, and other furniture
  • Safe combination changes or safe repairs
  • Key duplication for master keys, file cabinets, and office machines
  • Mechanical access systems
  • Grand master key duplications, which require approval in writing by the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

Purchase of Security Related Products

The Security Systems staff are able to assist with the purchase of security-related products at favorable market rates. Products available include:  

  • Safes
  • Fireproof fire cabinets
  • Key cabinets
  • Key rings and accessories
  • Padlocks
  • Locker locks