Records Requests

Our Records Unit assists the Emory community with collecting and reviewing copies of police reports and other law enforcement records; requests to requests to restrict (expunge) arrest records; and requests for information regarding police-related activities in the Emory University community.

Criminal History Records

A criminal history record is a record of an individual’s arrests (when the person actually went to jail) and the judicial disposition of those cases. It does not include traffic tickets or driver’s history records, which must be obtained directly from the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

There is no charge for Emory University faculty, staff, students, alumni, or Emory Healthcare employees who request a check of their own criminal history records. We are unable to provide this free service to people not affiliated with Emory.

Under Georgia law, the Emory Police Department is only authorized to check criminal history records created in the state of Georgia. Records of arrests or convictions from other states must be obtained from the appropriate local authorities.

Individual criminal history records will be delivered only to the individual requesting them. We cannot forward the results of our inquiries to third parties such as prospective employers.

Please note the following:

  • We do not conduct criminal history record checks regarding third parties.
  • The department reserves the right to delay or reject any request for a check of personal criminal history.
  • To challenge the accuracy of your criminal history record, you must contact the Georgia Crime Information Center of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, where you can find frequently asked questions and request an appointment.
  • The Emory Police Department is not able to alter the contents of any computerized criminal history record.
If you are an Emory employer and want to arrange for EPD to conduct pre-employment criminal history background checks on behalf of your department, you’ll need to contact our communications director for complete instructions. If the request is approved, anyone who will have access to the information provided will be required to complete the GCIC Awareness Statement and submit the signed form to our Communications Unit.

Call 404.727.6115 with questions or for additional information.

Records Unit Services

Need to access information, copies of reports, and other information? Review the sections below.

Request a criminal history background check

Note: Persons requesting checks of their own criminal history must present government-issued photo identification, proof of Emory affiliation, as well as a completed consent/inquiry form.

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented a method to submit requests online. You will need to have a completed copy of the Criminal History Request Form and a clear copy of a government-issued photo ID.

Send the completed form and clear copy of photo ID to our Communications Unit.

Georgia law (Official Code of Georgia, Annotated, § 20-8-7) provides for the inspection and copying of certain campus law enforcement records.  If you wish to examine Emory Police Department records in accord with this statute, you may file a request to do so. Complete the required information on the form and either bring it in person to the Emory Police Department, mail it to the address on the form, or email the completed form to

Public Records Request Form  

This request cannot be processed unless the person making the request provides contact information, preferably including a physical address, an electronic address, and one or more telephone numbers.

If you have a deadline for your use of the information you seek, please allow us generous lead time to fulfill your request.  The Records Section does not have dedicated staff, and not all of our records systems are automated, so requests that require extensive research on our part may take some time to complete.  Please keep this in mind when formulating and submitting your requests.

You will need to complete a Report Request Form in order to obtain a copy of a report. Print the form, complete the required information, and present it at the Police Department as described below.

Request a copy of a police report about your incident

  • There is no charge to parties named in a police report for a copy of the report.
  • Reports are normally available five (5) business days after the day they were submitted.
  • Reports are distributed in person, by email, or by US Postal Service.  We are not permitted to fax reports.
  • EPD reserves the right to redact information not appropriate for public distribution from any copy of any report.

Request a copy of a police report about someone you represent

  • Requests must be received in writing on letterhead, indicating by case number what report is being sought, and what party you represent.
  • A service fee of five (5) dollars may be applied to these requests.