EPD Training

EPD seeks to be a model for campus law enforcement, exceeding state training standards and weaving procedural justice into our approach to public safety.

EPD’s 52 sworn officers and 29 administrative staff serve and protect Emory University, Oxford College, and Emory Healthcare. We strive to be a model for campus law enforcement by offering annual training three times the state average with instruction that stresses de-escalation, mental health training, and other key areas.  

Georgia and Federal Training Requirements for EPD Officers

  • Security and integrity
  • Clery campus security authority
  • Police legitimacy, procedural justice, and community relations
  • Use of force
  • Firearms
  • Patrol rifle qualification (annual proficiency)
  • Backup handgun qualification
  • National Incident Management System

Emory University Requirements for EPD Officers

  • Avoiding bias-based profiling
  • De-escalation techniques 
  • Policy on citizen complaints and internal affairs
  • First aid
  • CPR
  • Baton proficiency
  • Pepper spray proficiency
  • Taser proficiency
  • Narcan training
  • Blood-borne pathogens training for nonresearch staff
  • Hazard communications for university workers
  • Lockout/tagout awareness
  • Respiratory protection for university workers
  • Respiratory protection for single-use respirators
  • Ladder safety
  • Noise exposure
  • Preventing harassment and discrimination
  • Building supportive communities (Title IX and Clery Act overview training)
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • HIPAA security
  • HIPAA at Emory
  • Fire safety (general staff training)
  • Fire watch training
  • Emory cybersecurity awareness training
  • Sexual harassment prevention training

Specialized Training

Several of our officers have received certification to train others in these key areas:

  • Mental health and first aid
  • Crisis intervention team training (Licensed)
  • Taser
  • ASP baton 
  • Pepper spray
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Master firearms instructor and range master
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Narcan
  • Verbal judo
  • Sex crime prevention
  • Hostage negotiation 

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